Open-Sourced Projects
Base Clustering

An Unturned Plugin that groups up barricades & structures around the map to define a player built base.

The aim of this project was to solve something that had not been done before in the Unturned community: How do we define a base? Or more precisely: how can we tell what a base is from a single dimensional list of elements?

A published NuGet library that abstracts both MySql.Data and MySqlConnector for easy use.

The aim of this project was to make the development of any product that requires a MySql database a simpler and more lightweight experience. Thanks to the abstraction, this library could be expanded into any other connectors for any database that inherits C#'s DbConnection class.

A published NuGet project that created a basic cache where old or less used objects would cease to be cached.

The aim of this project was to make a simple cache with a frequency of access as the factor that determined if an element should be removed or replaced in cache.

Contributed to the OpenMod project, with: minor changes, bug fixes, and the Buildables Abstraction with events.

A lightweight windows application to make creating, running, and modifying unturned servers a simple user experience.

Closed-Sourced Projects
Advanced Permissions

A sold plugin for Unturned that improved the permissions system on the RocketMod framework.

The aim of this project is to replace the permissions provider in RocketMod as well as its definitions for something more robust, user friendly, and expandable.


A sold plugin for Unturned that improved the decay system from the game itself.

The aim of this project is to improve the decay system from the game, and expand it to allow users to select and make their own customized decays for their servers.

University Projects
A Slack Chatbot

A chatbot for the platform Slack with multiple features that students could utilize for checking the local weather, setting up a youtube feed, or twitter feed, or even asking for mundane jokes.

"My Music" Web Project

A web project developed with Koa.

The website was meant to create a music sharing platform with ratings, comments, and playlists.

Web-API Project

Another web project with a focus on a split between the back-end and front-end. Back-end was developed with Koa, whilst frontend was developed with React.

The website was meant to provide a service for gym memberships for a fictional gym named "Your Local Gym". It supported account creation, staff account creation, class creation, and an (sign-up) application creation.

Computer Science BSc

Studied at Coventry University


Programming Expertise
Middle Developer

C#/.Net Framework

Junior Developer


Web Development


Language Qualifications

IELTS 7.5 - 2018




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